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Former Interns' Comments

"The NAFEO internship program is one that I encourage all college students to take part in. My experience with NAFEO is one that will last a lifetime. I learned a great deal of information and gained numerous resources that are not only helping me in the present but will serve to help me in my future endeavors as well. NAFEO has played a major role in my academic goals, I have plans to attend medical school at the University of North Carolina and through my internship with the FDA I was able to work on a drug safety survey with UNC which was a wonderful experience. The new skills I learned this summer is greatly appreciated."
Domonique Bulls
North Carolina A&T University, Food and Drug Administration, Summer 2007
"This Internship was an experience of a life time. The entire summer has been a real eye-opener. I gained valuable work experience and I have a sense of professionalism. The people at HRSA helped me to understand the work force. I had the opportunity to work on numerous projects and activities, including collecting budget data for a PowerPoint presentation. Not only was this a great experience, but I also got a chance to network and meet people that can help me later on in life."
Brandon Wims
North Carolina A&T University, Health Resources and Services Administration, Summer 2007
"From this internship at National Institutes of Health, I have gained further verification on my thoughts of attending graduate school also a small fragment of how a government research organization functions on a day to day basis. I was exposed to various levels within the organizations hierarchy structure and how various branches relied on each otherís productivity to work towards a common goal. I am appreciative for the opportunity of becoming an NAFEO intern. NAFEO was an integral part in putting me in the position to experience a real world environment."
Kendal Purington
Elizabeth City State University, National Institutes of Health, Summer 2007
"I had an amazing time interning with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment. Being able to actively engage with government officials and see in the inner workings of a government office was truly a one in a lifetime experience. While speaking daily with disabled and retired veterans, I was exposed to a side a life that the everyday US citizen does not experience, a life of sacrifice, service, and duty. Working at Department of Veterans Affairs VR&E was the best job an intern could ask for."
Stella Adegite
Syracuse University, Department of Veterans Affairs, Summer 2007